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Ask most people to name the capital city of Laos and the chances are they wouldn't know. For most overseas visitors, and even many Laotians, Vientiane remains something of a mystery yet the country's largest city have plenty to offer in terms of cultural, religious, historical, entertainment and fun activities.

Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos with a population of around 700,000, near Nong Khai, Thailand. Annual events such as the Boun That Luang Festival, Boat Racing Festival and the Lao New Year (Songkhan) Festival draws in visitors from throughout the country, Thailand and overseas, who also take time out to visit the many ancient temples, markets and nightclubs in the capital. Many Vientiane residents are also attracted to the city by its outstanding tertiary educational facilities.

Despite the wealth of activities in the national capital, Vientiane retains a laid-back lifestyle. Although everyone is busy doing their own thing, there's no need to rush around, and visitors seeking directions are assured of a friendly response. The people of Vientiane are keen for others to enjoy everything their city has to offer, even if it does mean that one of the country's best kept secrets may finally get out. Enjoy your stay on!

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